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Automate Leadership, Management and Control of your businesses or projects


Implementing Most recognized Standard in Project Management : PMBOK (Project Management Body of Knowledge)

BI (Business Intelligence)

Preparing for “Getting the right information to the right people at the right time for making right decisions.”

AI (Artificial Intelligence)

Using of a Powerful AI system for Analysis and Decision-Making, Based on Project Management Knowledge

PBI (PMBOK-based Business Intelligence)

PBI (PMBOK-based Business Intelligence) is a new brand Knowledge and system that comprised of pragmatic combination of Knowledge Management System, BI (Business Intelligence) and knowledge of project management based on PMBOK Standard and finally a powerful AI(Artificial Intelligence) analysis and Decision-Making System. all in one web-based program for Automatically Leading , Managing and Controlling your business or project. By using PBI in your Business or Project, you will be privileged to have :


the right information

to the right people

at the right time

for making right decisions

AI Decision-Making system

PBI privileges of a powerful AI system for Analysis and Decision-Making. This powerful and user-friendly system, suggest you what you should do in text messages


Management Dashboards

Management Dashboards of PBI, present all important management KPIs in a single place, share insights with c-level executives in an efficient way, and empower the management to make fast and data-driven decisions based on the latest information

Implementing PMBOK Automatically

By using of PBI, you can be sure of implementing most recognized management standard in the world(PMBOK) in your business or Project, automatically

Online Analysis by AI system

By using of PBI and it's powerful AI analysis system , you can Bridge the gap between data and decision making. Transfer all the boring or complicated analysis to PBI for doing it completely in a moment in the twinkling of an eye

Systematize work processes

By using of PBI, you can be sure of Systematizing management and work processes. the forms that embedded in this system, leads every work-unit to the right road

Systematic reporting processes

By Using of PBI, not only you will have a powerful 's data management system on your business or project that gets right data, But also by using of PMBOK knowledge, PBI suggest and actually creates useful data

Artificial Intelligence: Automating Decision-Making

Artificial Intelligence has exploded throughout the last years, improving many existing technologies and solving new problems.AI decision making is where companies utilize AI in their processes to help make faster, more accurate, more consistent decisions by leveraging datasets with AI. Unlike humans, AI can analyze large datasets in seconds without errors, freeing up your team to focus on other work.

Technical documentation

Promptly accessing to important documents and having all information you need in your business or project, everywhere and every time, just in your smart phone

Progress Reports

PBI analysis reports, provide vast variety of analyzed information of project progress, not only as a total concept but also in detailed level such work packages in a program by capability of powerful search and filtering engines.

Knowledge Management

By using of PBI, you can have a Knowledge management (KM) system that do creating, sharing, using and managing the knowledge and information of an organization.


PBI's powerful AI core, gets all analyzed data and information that BI (Business Intelligence) system gathers and convert them into TO DO List Text Messages by capability of sending to WhatsApp or other social messengers


Alarm management system

By using PBI and its AI, you can have an Alarm Management System that alerts the manager to relevant abnormal trends, risks and results by text messages


Text Reports by AI

PBI's powerful AI core, gets all analyzed data and information that BI (Business Intelligence) system gathers and convert them into user-friendly Text Messages by capability of sending to WhatsApp or other social messengers


Get all you should do in text format and send it to world just by Copy@Paste

Earned Value Management

By using of PBI, you will implement an Earned value management (EVM) in your business or project which is a project management methodology that integrates schedule, costs, and scope to measure project performance. Based on planned and actual values, EVM predicts the future and enables project managers to adjust accordingly


W.F-based Progress

By PBI, you will have a management KPIs system focuses on project progress by Weight Value (or Weight Factor) that is the basis of the overall progress calculation processes used to determine the weight of each phase in the project. It is measured based on the distribution of weight values and obtained through multiplying the weight value of each task in the project.


Schedule-based Performance

As we saw in the Work Performance section, PBI gives us a full view of project progress by calculating project progress by weight factors based on Contract or any other agreements. But there are different types of assessing performance in PBI, such useful day-based progress that shows the ability of the amount of work done vs should be done


Progress Trend History

PBI gives you a dashboard that shows progress trend in top level summary task as in lowest level such work packages, So you can access to history of progress trend in your project or business fazes.


Log Systems

PBI ,based on PMBOK process and instructions suggest to log events , issues, changes, etc. as an input or out put of a process. So PBI prepare a form and various charts to manage different log systems


Predict remained Cost

PBI gives you a system that manages your cost predicting by using of its powerful AI system. Instructions used in this process is based on PMBOK suggestions and processes in cost management


PBI not only converts your raw Data to Clear model for decision-making, but also guide, manage and control your business or project during these process.

Resource Management

PBI by providing process due to forms and dashboards based on PMBOK, gives you a powerful management and controlling system to leading and managing your business or project resources


Work Performance

PBI's powerful AI system, integrates all aspects of work package's performances by considering authorized delays and Illustrates work performance of business or project in top level as it shows in lowest level.


Calculating authorized and unauthorized delays

PBI's powerful AI system calculates all authorized and unauthorized delays in a process based instructions based on Contract or Agreements


Predict remained Days

PBI gives you a system that manages your schedule predicting by using of its powerful AI system. Instructions used in this process is based on PMBOK suggestions and processes in Schedule management


Daily Counter

As mentioned in the last section about PBI's powerful AI on delays calculating, It also can count all remained or past days of planned date in all levels of business fazes or project's program.


Resourse Analysis

PBI gives you an analysis table chart that indicates and shows all personnel, equipment and material resources of each work packages in the plan of project or fazes of business that can be really helpful for cost and schedule analysis


PBI will manage and control your resources during your business's phases or project's lifecycle

Managing the project resources is how the project manager spends most of their time. From ordering supplies, to training team members, to paying bills, the project resources are a seemingly bottomless pit of active management. Meanwhile, the project team is one of the most important components of project success – Having confidence that your team is going to get the job done right, on time, and under budget, is virtually priceless. This is included in the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) Project Resource Management knowledge area.

purchasing engineering

PBI's Powerful AI system gives you a dynamic purchasing weekly List Based on Business or project progress. This really complicated and Accurate calculation works in this way : First AI recognizes a work package and its relevant predecessors, predict optimistic start date of task and calculates needed materials to acquire. then eliminates existing material in the site and finally a week earlier of starting the task's date, sends the purchasing list to Procurement Unit for acquiring process.


Compensation Plan

PBI's Powerful AI system calculates all analyzed information and reports, simulate plan based on recognized and capable risks and opportunities , considers Past trends, gets all needed information of scheduling programs like Microsoft project or Primavera and finally predicts probable finished date of project or business fazes and gives you in weekly period a Compensation Plan in detailed level which developed based on lowest level of plan, like work packages.


Resource Calculating for Compensation Plan

As mentioned in "Compensation Plan" section, PBI not only can create Compensation Plan but also predicts needed resources that should be acquired . This list of resources are divided into personnel and equipment resources. for example in this section, you will find that you need make twice your team works and doing activities in two shift of work(day and night) or you will find that you need increase your equipment resources triple .



Material Balance

In every business and project, protecting of assessments specially material resources during a project program or business fazes or even ordinary daily operations is a hot topic and every manager wants to have a system for controlling the material resource loss . PBI has a powerful mass balance system, also called a material balance system, that is an application of conservation of mass to the analysis of physical systems. By accounting for material entering and leaving a system. Material Balance charts shows you variance of entering amount of material resources vs existing in site or warehouse and done as work.


Claim Management

Claim management is a collective term for the myriad of advice and services provided by firms in respect of claims for compensation, reparation, restitution or any other remedy for financial loss or breach of contractual obligation. By Using PBI in your business or project you can manage all documents of client side delays and relevant Damages. for example first an issue or change happens in a project, the responsible unit should register it in issue log or change log form. then claim unit start its activities by documenting it and getting client approval, finally analysis unit should calculate the cost damages and ...


Order System

As mentioned earlier, BI (Business Intelligence) goals to create an integrated system to get right data, analyze it and finally Create a make-decision system. The process that PBI claims is doing it completely. But it is not finished in PBI. what about after making-decision? PBI also has a plan and process for it. At the bottom of every sheet in PBI reports , you will find a form as an order form you can refer orders to relevant units and fix a due date and give a point for doing the ordered task that is used in rewards and fines system of HR Management system for HR evaluation. By implementing this system the manager can be sure of having a powerful order system


Manage and control your decisions, Execute them by ordering and sending them promptly and finally, Evaluate performances

Communication should travel via the shortest path necessary to get the job done, not through the "chain of command." Any manager who attempts to enforce chain of command communication will soon find themselves working elsewhere.


What PBI do for Projects and Businesses

By using PBI you can move your business and project management in a higher level. PBI gives you a telegram bot for managing your business and project as easily and funny as a friendly chat. PBI's powerful web tool gives you all you need to know and do in your business and project by its amazing AI(Artificial Intelligence) decision-making system and Management Dashboards. More over PBI management team by more than 20 years experience in implementing management standards in project and businesses can help you for managing and directing your business and project in a standard level.

What PBI do for businesses and projects (Full Package)

PBI is a complete tool for Business or project management and gives you some deliverable and services including : Deliverables ( Web Tool, Telegram Robot) and Services (Business advisory, Project management and consulting)

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Gartner's Ranking in 2021
1@2 Best BI tools
  • Data Gathering System
  • Auto Analyzing System
  • data Visualisation tool
  • Auto Making-Decision

PBI vs Competitors

Based on Gartner institution, Microsoft Power BI and Tableau are the best in business intelligence tools in the world in 2021. let's see what they do Actually : These powerful tools getting data from you(Without any process for data gathering, They just get what you give them), then gives you some capability for connecting different data based on what you gave them. It should be mentioned this process needs a technical technician), finally they visualyze your data in chart type information. just this. Let's see again what is the definition of Business Intelligence : “Getting the right information to the right people at
the right time for making right decisions.”, As we see none of these powerful tools don't have any service for “Getting the right information” and more important, for “making right decisions.”, But PBI not only have a powerful instruction and structure for “Getting the right information” because of using of PMBOK structure for gaining all inputs and outputs it want, But also has a powerful AI system for “making right decisions.” as BI tools should do.

First BI tools in the world that says you what to do


Gartner's Ranking in 2021
??? Best BI tool
  • Data Gathering System
  • Auto Analyzing System
  • data Visualisation tool
  • Auto Making-Decision

Our leadership team


By using PBI in your business or project, you will be privileged of having a high level project manager with more than 5 decade Knowledge and experience (because using of more than 50 years knowledge and experiences of thousand of project managers in the wide range of projects and business in every place of the world that all gathered and has developed in a valuable and the most recognized project management standard in the world, "PMBOK" ) beside a high level IT technician in google managers level (Due to using of google packs and scripts as main platform). more over you will have a Mathematical genius ( because of PBI's powerful AI system) beside you during your business phases or project lifecycle.